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March 2023
Carriers Limas™: How it all started
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Who is Limas?
The story of Limas™ started in Germany in 2015, with the birth of Lili-Marie. When she was born, she loved to be carried and her new parents wanted to keep her close to them at all times and take her with them easily wherever they went. They started looking for baby carriers. Her mum even underwent a training to become a babywearing consultant. 

With this knowledge, she was able to develop a new baby carrier for her little girl and naturally named it after her (Lili-Marie Sauer became LI-MA-S). Seeing the little girl and her parents so happy in their new carrier, one of their friends asked them to make her just the same carrier. And then came another friend, and another...

The word spilled out and then midwifes, other babywearing consultants and the first retailers got interested…That’s when the family decided to start a business it and provide young parents the same benefits and feeling of closeness they were getting with their carrier.
And so the business started
At first, the carriers were sewn by Lili’s grandma and stocked first at home, then in the basement and in the garage. But with the business growing, Limas™ had to look for new ways to develop their products, turned to suppliers, hired their first employees and rented their first office. The demand kept growing, the small team became very busy developing new ideas and exploring new markets. 

When Lili’s sister was born in 2017, the range of carriers expanded to include two new carriers – The Limas™ Plus and Limas™ Flex – and many accessories followed. The demand for Limas™ carriers kept growing and the team expanded to supply all families who needed them with Limas™ products.
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Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex​
New family and new horizons

With the family business growing, the small Limas™ team kept being stretched to the limit. In 2021, the conversations with Stokke came at just the right time: the Limas™ team needed a new partner to support their growing business and work on new ideas, while Stokke was looking for a business with great expertise in baby carriers. Both companies shared the same core values: ergonomic designs for babies, products growing with your child, sustainable choices...

From both sides, everything was already set up to support young parents, provide them with the best products and help them find closeness and connection with their child to give them confidence!

Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Collection
The benefits of carrying aids
Limas™ baby carriers are ergonomic front and back carriers that bring together the many advantages of slings, wraps and other carrying aids. By bringing you closer to your baby and giving you both a feeling of comfort and security, Limas™ carriers provide you with a positive, personal and truly wonderful experience – from birth right through to the toddler years!