Tripp Trapp ®

The chair that grows with the child

  • This chair plus baby set and harness configuration properly suits the needs of your child from 6 months to 3 years
  • Brings your baby to the dining table and closer to the family
  • Highly adjustable seat and foot plate positions
  • Available in a variety of colors and in your choice of Beech, Oak or Ash wood finishes




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The iconic Tripp Trapp® was the first chair of its kind when designed by Peter Opsvik in 1972. Its intelligent design grows with your child, providing a comfortable, ergonomic seat at any age. It has been made to fit right up to your dining table to bring your baby into the heart of your family, allowing your little boy or girl to eat, learn, play and develop alongside you.

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  • Features


    • This chair plus baby set and harness configuration provides everything your child needs from 6 months to 3 years.
    • Your child can comfortably sit at the dining table and enjoy mealtimes with the rest of family.
    • Easy to clean

    Comfort & Design

    • Classic, iconic design that will never go out of style.
    • Unique adjustability of seat and footplate to ensure both back and feet support for any age.
    • Stable footrest that supports your child and provides comfort.
    • Solid construction that can hold up to a 242 lb adult.
    • Array of color and wood choices that match any décor.


    • 5-point harness provided with babyset
    • Extended gliders that give increased backward stability
    • Extended 7-year warranty available on wooden components.
    • Water-based, non-toxic paint.
    • No harmful substances/free from bisphenol and phthalates.
  • What's included

    • Tripp Trapp Chair
    • Tripp Trapp Baby set with 5-point harness
    • Extended gliders
  • Technical Specifications / Measurements

    Product info
    • Baby Set dimensions in cm/ins: 36x32x8
    • Suitable for age: 6 months to 3 years
    • Tripp Trapp Baby Set Weight in kg/lbs: 1.95lbs
    • Tripp Trapp Chair Weight in kg/lbs: 7kg


  • 496101
    Tripp Trapp® Junior Cushion - Jade Twill
    Tripp Trapp® Junior Cushion, Jade Twill.


    Jade Twill
    Slate Twill
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  • 529701
    Stokke™ Munch™ Complete - Soft Mint
    Stokke™ Munch Complete. Tableware collection. Includes: Plate with cutlery, bowl with lid, cup with lid and a soft silicone bib.
  • 530101
    Stokke™ Munch™ Bib - Soft Mint
    Stokke™ Munch Bib. Tableware
  • 534201
    ezpz™ by Stokke™ silicone mat for Stokke® Tray - Grey
    ezpz by Stokke®, Grey. For Tripp Trapp® with Tray.
  • 530101
    Stokke™ Munch™ Bib - Soft Mint
    Stokke™ Munch Bib. Tableware
  • 530001
    Stokke™ Munch™ Cup - Soft Mint
    Stokke™ Munch Cup with lid. Tableware.
  • 530401
    Stokke™ Munch Snack Pack - Soft Mint
    Stokke™ Munch Snack Pack. Tableware collection. Includes: Bowl with lid and cup with lid.
  • 529801
    Stokke® Munch Essentials - Soft Mint
    Stokke™ Munch Essentials. Tableware collection. Includes: Plate with cutlery and cup with lid.
  • 529901
    Stokke® Munch Everyday - Soft Mint
    Stokke™ Munch Everyday. Tableware collection. Includes: Plate with cutlery, bowl with lid and cup with lid.
  • 504302
    Tripp Trapp® Cushion Adult - Slate Twill
    Tripp Trapp® Adult Cushion Slate Twill.


    Slate Twill
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  • 152100
    Stokke® Table Top
    Stokke® Table Top, numbers.
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  • Assembly Instructions

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  • User Guides

    • Wipe with a clean damp cloth and remove excess water with a dry cloth. Moisture will crack stain.
    • The use of any detergent or micro fibre cloth is not recommended.
    • Colours may change if the wood is exposed to the sun.
  • Spare Parts

    • 107600
      Tripp Trapp® Screw Bag
      Tripp Trapp®. Spare part, screw bag.
    • 108801
      Tripp Trapp® Seatplate - Natural
      108801 Tripp Trapp Seat plate Natural (Spare part).


      Dark Blue
      Aqua Blue
      Storm Grey
      Pale Pink
      Lava Orange
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    • 108928
      Tripp Trapp® Footplate - Storm Grey
      108928 Tripp Trapp Foot plate Storm grey (Spare part).
    • 108501
      Tripp Trapp® Siderunner Set - Natural
      108501 Tripp Trapp® Side set Natural (Spare part).
    • 331501
      Tripp Trapp® Extended Glider Set - Natural
      Tripp Trapp® Extended Glider V2. Natural.


      Aqua Blue
      Forest Green
      Moss Green
      Heather Pink
      Midnight Blue
      Plum Purple
      Serene Pink
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    • 108300
      Tripp Trapp® Bar 2 pcs
      Tripp Trapp® Spare part, Bar, 2 pcs.
    • 108601
      Tripp Trapp® Floorbrace - Natural
      108601 Tripp Trapp Floorbrace Natural (Spare part).
    • 108701
      Tripp Trapp® Backlaminate - Natural
      108701 Tripp Trapp Back laminate Natural (Spare part).
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