Stokke® Home™ Changer

The flexible changer attaches to the dresser, the bed and the cradle stand.

  • Part of the Stokke® Home™ nursery furniture collection
  • Attaches safely to the Stokke® Home™ dresser, bed and cradle stand
  • Organize your child's essentials with the convenient storage box
  • Water repellent changing pad with protective sides for baby
  • Turns into a play table with the cradle stand when the diaper days are over


Colour: White


Product Actions

The changer is a versatile component that can be used on top of the Dresser, Bed or Cradle stand, and attaches safely to all components. Protective sides and a padded mattress offer a safe and comfortable place to change your baby. The height of the Changer encourages eye-contact and you can choose both a sideway or parent facing position depending on the base unit and room setting. The included storage box keeps essentials close at hand and can be attached to any side of the Changer. When your child is older, the Changer transforms into a play table by simply turning the Changer upside-down and placing it onto the cradle stand.

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  • Features

    • Features:
    • The Changer attaches safely to the Bed with self-locking handles
    • Keep essentials close at hand with the mobile storage box
    • Water repellent padded mattress, easy to keep clean
    • Soft, protective sides around the baby
    • Suitable for max. 11kg
    • Made from MDF
    • Part of the Stokke® Home™ concept:
    • Complete changing and storage unit together with Dresser
    • Everything you need within arm’s reach when Changer is placed on the Bed
    • The Changer transforms into a play table by turning the Changer upside-down and placing it on the cradle stand
  • What's included

    • Stokke® Home™ Changer
    • Stokke® Home™ Changer Mattress
    • Changer Storage box
    Stokke® Home Changer. Items included.
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  • User Guides


    Wipe with a clean damp cloth and remove excess water with a dry cloth. Moisture will crack stain.
    The use of any detergent or microfibre cloth is not recommended.

    The Changer Mattress is water repellent and easy to wipe clean. It can be hand washed at 30°C (86 Fahrenheit). Do not tumble-dry. The Changer Mattress Cover can be washed on 60°C (140 Fahrenheit).

  • Spare Parts

    • 413700
      Stokke® Home™ Changer Screw bag
      Stokke® Home™ Changer Screwbag. Sparepart.
    • 413800
      Stokke® Home™ Changer Storage Screw bag
      Stokke® Home™ Changer Storage Screwbag. Sparepart.