Tripp Trapp® Chair Serene Pink with Baby Set. Close-up.
Tripp Trapp® Serene Pink, Beech wood. With Tripp Trapp® Baby Set.
Tripp Trapp® chair Serene Pink, with Baby Set.
Tripp Trapp® and Baby Set Serene Pink with Classic Cushion Soul System.
Tripp Trapp® Chair Serene Pink, Beech, with Baby Set.
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Tripp Trapp® Baby Set

Turns your Tripp Trapp® Chair into a comfy high chair

  • Suitable from when your child is able to sit unaided (approx. 6 months)
  • Provides exceptional side and back support for your baby to acquire the important skill of learning to sit
  • Easily attaches onto the chair – tool-free
  • Design: Peter Opsvik
Serene Pink

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