Parenting can be like this
or like that.
50 years of figuring it out together.
You can listen to all the parenting advice coming your way, or none at all. In the end it's all about the two of you, and that you figure it out – together.
Tripp Trapp® 50th Anniversary
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Parenting Connection
Though times have changed, the mystery of being a new parent hasn't. By sitting together at the table with their families, children have been able to connect with the people that care about them most. It's this connection that allows parent and child to get close, communicate and figure it out together.
Parenting Connection
Freedom of Movement
Today, as then, the adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth- and height adjustable seat- and footplates. When adjusted correctly, your child is ensured a correct seating position at any age.
Freedom of Movement
Tripp Trapp® Turns 50 Years!
Giving children a seat at the table since 1972.
When Tripp Trapp® was first introduced, it revolutionized the entire children's seating category. No one had seen anything like it. Brilliant in its simplicity, it could be comfortably used at every stage of childhood and beyond. 

To celebrate the milestone of the chair that grows with the child, Stokke is proud to offer a truly exceptional, limited edition anniversary collection. Quality artisan-ship lies in precision and detailing. In this spirit, Stokke has put a great deal of extra thought into our Limited Edition Ash chairs to make something memorable.
Naturally Unique
Chosen for its quality and rich look, the densely veined wood of the ash tree reveals multi-dimensional rings in both pale and deep tones. The swirled marble effect created a unique pattern for each chair, ensuring that every chair is a limited edition one one-of-a-kind. Almost as unique as the child sitting in it. 

The Limited Edition Collection:

Tripp Trapp® Ash Mixed Limited Edition 
Tripp Trapp® Ash White Limited Edition
The Design Story
The Design story
50 years ago, when Peter Opsvik’s son Tor was two years old, Opsvik discovered that Tor had outgrown his high chair and could not find one which allowed Tor to sit comfortably at table height with the rest of the family. From this observation, Opsvik changed the way we look at children ́s seating by creating a chair that would truly give children of all ages a comfortable, ergonomic seat at the table. Tripp Trapp® was invented.
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The chair that grows with the child™
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So, here’s to figuring it out. Together.
Because in the end of the day it’s all about the two of you, figuring it out – together.

Soon becoming one of Scandinavia’s most recognizable designs, the legendary Norwegian chair is a perennial best seller with over 13 million chairs. Launched in 1972, children around the world have since enjoyed a seat at the table, which is crucial to children's development, creativity, as well as language and motor skills.