Stokke® Care Desk kit

As your child gets older and outgrows his or her changing table, Stokke® Care can be converted into a compact practical desk, ideal for your child to play games, paint or draw on. The Stokke® Care Desk Conversion Kit allows you to supplement your Stokke® Care changing table with an extended tabletop. Expand your Stokke® Care into a larger school desk to provide your child with an attractive and stable place to study, read, write, or just play. *The Desk Conversion Kit is not suitable for older vintage Stokke® Care changing tables due to design modifications. If your table has wheels, this desk kit will not fit your configuration.

Desk kit includes white table top to be used with all Changing Table colour alternatives.

Dimensions (HxLxW) cm/in: 107x67x120 / 42"x26,4"x47"

Product weight kg/lbs: 20/44