Warranty and aftersales

Yes, when the original receipt is handed over and a copy of the extended warranty. This copy can be sent to CS in order to delete the original extended warranty owner. The second owner can now register the product through the following link:


In order to process your claim, the Stokke® Retailer will need the following three items from you:

- Proof of purchase in the form of the original receipt

- The Extended Warranty Certificate (if the the item is older than 24 months) and

- Serial number of your Stokke® Product

In order for Stokke® to provide you with the premium service, it is imperative that our retail partners provide us with detailed information regarding the quality of Stokke® products, so that the quality of the products can be controlled and managed at a premium level.

Our authorised Stokke® retail partners are all trained and qualified personell that will be able to assist you with any Stokke® product related query that you may have - given that they stock your Stokke® product.

In the event that they are unable to assist you, they will contact us, in order for them to offer you the best possible solution.

If you have a query or claim regarding your Stokke® product, please go to the following link: www.stokke.com/global/home#findstore. Please select your country, region and your Stokke® product.

Once you have selected the three options under "Find your Retailer" you will be shown an interactive map of where your nearest retailer is. Each authorised Stokke® retailer, who sells your Stokke® product of choice will be able to assist you with any queries you may have.

At Stokke® we have full confidence in the quality of our products and we offer extended warranty on the main products in our collection. Stokke® Extended Warranty entitles Stokke® product owners to several years of additional warranty against manufacturing defects, over and above the standard legally required warranty period (usually 1 year). Extended Warranty is applicable to all major products in the Stokke® collection, not to accessories.

Extended Warranty is conditional on registering the product with Stokke® after purchase. The easiest way to do this is online via the link below, where you can create a customer account for yourself and register as many Stokke® products as you like.


Alternatively, you can fill out and submit the Stokke® Warranty Card provided with the product. In both cases you are required to enter your personal details as well as products details such as date/place of purchase and serial number. Please make sure that the card is filled out fully and correctly. After completing the registration, you will receive a registration certificate which we advise you to keep together with the original proof of purchase. Stokke® Extended warranty can only be invoked providing both documents are presented together and the details on the registration certificate correspond with those on the proof of purchase.

Stokke® Extended Warranty also applies if the product has been received as a gift or purchased second-hand. In other words, the Extended Warranty may be invoked by whoever is the owner of the product
at any given time, as long as this is done within the warranty period and providing both the registration certificate and original proof of purchase are presented by the owner.

For more information, please see the Warranty chapter in the product's user guide or access detailed information via the the link provided above.

Claims on our products are initially processed by our retailers. We therefore kindly ask you to contact the shop where you originally purchased the product and provide them with information regarding the quality issue as well as the product's serial number.

If it is inconvenient to contact the original retailer, you can also contact any other Stokke® retail partner for assistance. You can search for your nearest one via the following link:

Find your retailer here


Depending on the product and the type of problem, the retailer will be able either to order a replacement part on your behalf, replace the product in its entirety or have the product repaired. Whether this can be done under the terms of Stokke® product warranty will depend on whether the claim is made within the warranty period. For more information on Stokke® product warranty and how to register your product for Stokke® Extended Warranty, please use the following link:


Serial numbers on our primary products, for which extended warranty is offered, are located here:
- Xplory® stroller: bottom side, between the front wheels.
- Xplory® hood, Style Kit, Winter/Summer Kit: textile code on the label inside the hood.
- Tripp Trapp®: printed on the bottom strut.
- Sleepi™: on the plywood base.
- Care™: underneath the top board.
- Keep™: on the short side of one of the shelves.
- Newborn Set™: on a sticker on the outer shell, above the bar code.
- Handy Sitt®: bottom of the seat plate.