Dr. Levine, an experienced pediatrician and mother of two, shares her best advice for raising a confident, self-reliant child. The secret is – you can start earlier than you think!

I did it myself!


New York based pediatrician and mother of Sophie and Charlie, Dr. Alanna Levine has appeared on TV and in print, speaking about breaking medical news and common parenting topics.

Here in Scandinavia, we have a long tradition of giving children the freedom to grow in a safe environment and generally giving them a lot of independence. As Dr. Levine’s philosophy is so in line with our own, we wanted to ask her some questions and learn more.

Why is learning to do things for yourself so important? Having the confidence to believe you can do something is critical to becoming a successful adult. It is what will allow you to take risks and stretch outside of your comfort zone. And, doesn’t it feel great to accomplish something on your own?

You recommend teaching your children early on. Can you give us an example of how you can begin even with young children?

By 6 months, most babies will try to get objects or toys that are out of reach. If you notice that your child wants something, encourage her to reach for it and retrieve it. If you simply hand it to her, she is missing out on the opportunity to learn that she can do it. Next time, she will be more likely to wait for you to give it to her than reach for it herself. She also misses out on the delight of figuring out that she has the skills needed to get what she wants.

<p>Dr. Levine holding a baby next to the bed</p>

What do you tell parents who worry they lack patience and are tempted to give up?

I advise parents to try with one small task and see how it goes. The outcome will likely encourage them to continue to apply the techniques to other areas of the child’s life.

Baby having bath with the father

How does learning to be self-reliant help your child as they grow older?

Nobody knows how to do everything. Learning at an early age that you have the skills to seek and acquire new information, and that you have the patience to keep trying until you succeed will help children grow into confident capable adolescents and young adults.

Baby boy and his mother having lunch

If you could only give parents one piece of advice to raise a confident child, what would it be?

“Patience and persistence pay off. If you invest the time early on, the payout will be tremendous.”

Dr. Alanna Levine with her children Sophie and Charlie.