Stokke® Trailz

The versatile All Terrain stroller.

Built for adventure, Stokke® Trailz takes you wherever you want to go – in all seasons and in all terrains. Like all Stokke® strollers, the carry cot and seat positions of new Stokke® Trailz lift your baby higher to encourage connection between parent and child. Superior manoeuvrability and effortless steering secure a smooth ride for your little one. Large air filled tyres and a spacious waterproof shopping basket make Stokke® Trailz the perfect choice for active families who love the outdoors - no matter the weather.


Stokke® iZi Go X1 by BeSafe®汽車兒童座椅


Stokke® iZi Sleep X3 by BeSafe® 汽車兒童座椅黑色


Stokke® 換片專用儲物包


Stokke® 嬰童車 太陽傘


Stokke® 嬰童車 杯架


Stokke® 嬰童車針織毛毯


Stokke® Stroller Summer Kit



Always ready for an adventure

  • Strong and robust construction.
  • Large air filled rubber tyres and advanced tyre suspension secures a smooth ride for your little one.
  • Can be used with carry cot, stroller seat and car seats.
  • 3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and 2 forward facing positions: rest and active.
  • Lockable swivel front wheels and the adjustable, ergonomic handle ensures superior manoeuvrability.
  • Large, waterproof shoppping basket prevents content from getting wet and dirty.
  • Easy and compact folding.


  • High carry cot and stroller seat position brings the baby closer to mum and dad.
  • Spacious carry cot with soft interior lining provides a comfortable environment for the baby.
  • Soft, padded seat with an extra cushion that reduces the seat depth to fit the smallest babies.
  • Adjustable ergonomic foot rest on the seat eliminates dangling feet.
  • Ventilation in hood improves the air quality and reduces the risk of moisture inside the carry cot and stroller seat.
  • Ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions.

Travel System

  • Stokke offers two car seats that can be used with Stokke strollers without the use of adaptors:
  • The Stokke® iZi Go X1 by BeSafe® and the Stokke® iZi Sleep X3 by BeSafe.
  • Stokke® offers Car Seat Adaptors making it possible to use selected models of car seats made by other manufacturers.

What’s included:

Stokke® Trailz chassis

Stokke® Stroller Seat

The versatile All Terrain stroller

Comfortable and protective

Air-filled tires

High seating position

Large, water proof shopping basket



  • 支架重量(公斤/磅): 9.8/21.6
  • 適用重量(公斤/磅): 3.8/8.3
  • 帶支架的座椅規格(長度x高度x寬度)厘米/英寸: 95.5x127x62/37.6x50x24.4
  • 折叠后带支架的座椅规格(长度x高度x宽度)厘米/英寸: 95x50x62
  • 便攜式嬰兒床的重量(公斤/磅): 4.8/10.6
  • 帶支架的便攜式嬰兒床規格(長度x高度x寬度)厘米/英寸: 102.5x129x62
  • 折疊後帶支架的便攜式嬰兒床規格(長度x高度x寬度)厘米/英寸: 104.5x60x62
  • 座椅適用體重(公斤/磅): From 6 months to 15kg/33lb worldwide.
  • 便攜式嬰兒床的適用體重(公斤/磅): 0-9/0-20
  • 最大儲存重量公斤/磅: 10/22
  • 材質:


  • Alf Vegard Fjelland
  • Hilde Angelfoss
  • Hans-Cato Slotterøy
  • Oskar Johansen
  • Eivind Halseth



  • 必須分開清洗!
  • 在清洗嬰兒內墊時,請在清洗時先拿出內墊。
  • 車篷和遮陽板只能手洗。
  • 解開遮陽板。
  • 將前檔板從車篷上拆除。
  • 分開清洗車篷和遮陽板。
  • 座椅內墊,後背椅套和安全帶可在 40攝氏度/ 104華氏度機洗。
  • 座椅橫欄襯墊可在 30攝氏度/ 86華氏度清洗。
  • 購物袋和尿布袋只能用乾淨的濕布清洗,擦除多餘的水分。
  • 查看用戶指南,尋求更多說明。

嬰兒推車應使用溫和肥皂水清洗。確保在清洗之前先擦去沙塵/泥/沙礫。如果嬰兒車的任何功能不能使用,請聯繫離您最近的 Stokke®零售店。任何技術方面的解決方案都隱藏在底架中,可輕鬆清洗和養護。