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  • Counterfeit-info

    Buy Only Genuine Stokke Products

    Stokke’s unique quality products have caught the attention of counterfeiters worldwide. As we continue to grow successfully, the challenge of preventing fake Stokke products to reach the market increases.

    We, at Stokke, love the thought that children all over the world are safe and grow with our products. However, the downside to the success of our products is that we are increasingly being copied and many consumers are fooled to buy false products. 


    It’s about safety

    We deal with counterfeit and false products every day.

    Testing and analysis of fake Stokke products demonstrates that copies are of dangerously poor quality.

    As a manufacturer of children’s products, Stokke works hard to maintain the highest and most rigorous standards for safety, non-toxic materials, quality and workmanship.

    Our concern is that the counterfeit industry doesn’t have sufficient focus on quality and safety standards. Copied Stokke products may not be safe, even if they look and feel like the genuine thing.  Only the genuine Stokke product is guaranteed compliant with regulatory requirements.


    It’s illegal

    As many other well-known brands we have recognized that we need to protect our children, customers, our business and the integrity of our brand by rigorously combating the copy business. We consistently go after counterfeiters to stop their products.

    Copying products is not only illegal; it also hurts both customers and our business. Stokke allocates huge resources every year towards the fight against counterfeiting. That money could have been spent on developing new, safe Stokke products.


    You can help

    Stokke is known for the superior product quality and unique design, always in the best interest of the child. Our mission is to make products that grow with your child and to keep your child safe from harm.

    If you think you have discovered false Stokke products, we would very much appreciate you telling us by sending an email to

    By fighting false products we keep our children safe and our business healthy.



    Your best protection against counterfeit products is to purchase only from Authorized Stokke retailers.

    Our warranty registration serves as your guarantee.

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    1. Introduction
    2. Stokke AS and our subsidiaries worldwide (The Stokke Group), hereafter "Stokke" or "we", process personal data to be able to operate a worldwide business including to deliver you our products, provide you with information including marketing and to comply with legal consumer rights related to purchases with us. We mainly process personal data from customers, persons that show interests in our products including newsletter subscribers, users of our website and digital services, and professionals representing our partners and contractors.

      Our Privacy Policy will provide you with more information on how we process personal data, why, legal matters related to personal data as well as your personal data rights.

      We process your personal data in accordance with the applicable national personal data legislation, including the Norwegian personal data legislation and the EU GDPR.

    3. The data controller for your personal data
    4. Stokke AS, Norwegian company no. 970 983 325,, is the Data Controller. We are subject to the EU GDPR as well as national personal data protection legislation in the countries we are established.

      Stokke AS is the Data Controller for the entire Stokke Group (Stokke AS and its subsidiaries).

    5. Purchases and requests for services with Stokke
    6. We process personal data necessary for us to deliver the goods and services you request from us. Data categories are typically name, contact information such as email, phone number and postal address, purchase history, payment details, information related to your order, information related to your warranty registered with us, and all other information you provide us with relevant for purchases or the provisions of digital services such as website, apps, our online chat service and other digital and analogue communication with us. If you contact our customer service or otherwise contact us with an inquiry, we will process the personal data you provide to the extent necessary for processing, answering and logging your inquiry. Stokke may also send you a survey to ask you about your experience with us, for the purpose of improving the customer support we provide to you as our customer.

      Legal basis is the performance of your orders and requests with us and the purpose is customer administration. The data is collected from you.

      We retain your data for as long as necessary for the described purposes including for the fulfilment of your consumer rights and our responsibility related to this, application of any commercial guarantees that Stokke at any time may offer, as well as compliance with legal obligations such as bookkeeping acts, as well as for the provision of a good customer experience for repeat customers.

      We normally do not process your credit card data as this is done by our payment provider.

    7. Online account
    8. If you choose to create an online account with us on our websites, we will process your username, contact information and IP address to enable you to log in and use the account and to make this service work as intended, as well as all information you choose to provide through your use of the account. This information can include children's birthdate and children's names if you choose to provide it in order to receive relevant tips and/or personalized discounts. We may also use cookies to make the service, including shopping basket, work. Legal basis for processing is the performance of contract and the purpose is the provision of services you ask for. The data is collected from you.

      You can terminate your account by contacting our Customer Service team through the online form on ( Your personal data related to the account will be deleted upon account termination. This does not apply to your purchase history which will be retained for warranty and consumer protection purposes.

      We will retain your personal data related to the account as long as the account is active.

      Further, in limited cases, we might give you the opportunity to provide us with information on pregnancy due date if relevant for information on our products, relevant offers and your purchases. If you choose to provide us with such information in these limited cases, collection and use of this information will be based on your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

    9. Statistical use and limited personalization of our services
    10. We collect statistical information from end-users' use of our websites for statistical and technical purposes though our use of analytics tool. In general, we aggregate and anonymize data as soon as data points are collected. We do this based on our legitimate interests which are statistics and our need for insights both concerning market and customer insights, but also for technical insight, and we have assessed that your personal data protection interests do not outweigh our legitimate interests. The data is collected from you.

      We will also personalize your experience on our websites and through your use of the Stokke online account with us based on your purchase and interest history with us. The limited personalization will provide you with more relevant information in our digital channels. Legal basis is legitimate interests, purpose is customer experience and marketing and your personal data protection interests do not outweigh our legitimate interests. The data is collected from you.

    11. Marketing purposes based on consent
    12. Based on your consent, you can subscribe to Stokke's newsletter. For newsletters we will process name and email address as well as purchase history and information you have provided through the registration and use of your account including (if you have chosen to provide it) children's age, and interest you have shown in our products, such as through abandoned online shopping cart. You can withdraw your consent through the unsubscribe feature included in all emails from us. Our purpose is to provide personalized marketing.

      If you have provided consent through our cookie consent solution on our web sites, we will process your data for marketing purposes through the use of commonly used marketing and social media technologies. Based on your consent we will collect and use data from your visit to our websites including location data to be able to reach you on social medias through cookies and pixel technology as well as customer list matching services and the use of online identifiers. We will also use your purchases and interest shown for our products to personalize ads on the internet. You can withdraw your cookie consent through the cookie consent solution on our website. The data is collected from you.

    13. Cookies
    14. We use information capsules (cookies) to improve user experience of our website. A cookie is a small text-based datafile stored in your equipment (your smartphone, computer or, for example, a tablet).

      Outside the essential cookies, which must be placed for our online services to work, we use cookies based on your consent which can be given through our "cookie box" solution on our websites, and where detailed information of types of cookies, data collected and purpose, can be found. You will be presented with our "cookie box" the first time you visit our website, where you can choose what cookies you consent to.

      You can withdraw or amend your consent to cookies at any time by using the link "Allow or block cookies" which you can find on the left side at the bottom of our website, where you can select or remove cookies. The cookies that are considered essential for the website`s function (the "necessary cookies"), cannot be removed.

      Alternatively, if you do not wish our website to store cookies on your equipment at all, not even the essential cookies, you can turn off cookies in the settings of your web browser. However, this might lead to reduced functionality for your use of our websites. This can be done through your browser settings.

    15. Other processing of personal data
    16. We may process necessary personal data in relation to promotions, competitions and prize draws as part of our marketing. Specific terms and specific information on data processing will be made available for you in such case. Normally legal basis will be the agreement with you on participation and purpose will be the provision of the service and marketing.

      We may process necessary personal data in relation to reviews of our products that you provide us on a voluntary basis. The purpose is to offer product reviews and verify review authenticity with legal basis in our legitimate interests in providing product reviews and ensuring compliance with the EU Omnibus Directive, also known as the Enforcement and Modernization Directive 2019/2161, in addition to applicable marketing legislation. Reviews can be given either through an email link after purchase of our products, or be published directly on our website through our provider which also includes processing of your email address. When you publish directly on our website, our provider may process your IP address to perform fraud detection to make sure our marketing meets the requirements of the EU Omnibus Directive and applicable marketing legislation.

      Occasionally Stokke will conduct market research including product development research. We will use specific terms and information for market research, and personal data processed will be based on consent and agreements with participants. We may also process necessary personal data in relation to idea submissions on the Stokke innovation platform.

      We will also in the course of our obligation to protect personal data as well as for general information security purposes, process personal data, for example through logging or monitoring of digital services.

    17. Legal obligations
    18. Stokke is subject to national and EEA legislations that may impose us to process and even export personal data. Examples are export to tax authorities or the police or to retain personal data based on bookkeeping legislation. In additional we might also be obliged to export personal data due to a valid court order and/or as evidence in court proceedings or according to valid orders from national public supervisory authorities. We will not export personal data to any public body unless we agree that valid legal reasons for export are present.

      Processing of personal data relating to our suppliers, business customers and business contacts

      We process personal data on persons acting for professional parties such as our suppliers, consultants, partners and professionals, and to the extent necessary for business cooperation and the enforcement of contracts. Data categories are typically name, position and contact information.

    19. Export of personal data. Collection of personal data from other sources.
    20. We do not export your personal data to third parties with the exception of the rare occasions we are legally obliged to do so. Data related to payment in relation to online purchases is not exported as our payment provider will collect this data directly from you.

    21. Personal data security
    22. We protect personal data though technical and organizations measures, and subject to our internal information security policies which inter alia includes restricted access based on position for our personnel and the use of encryption in transit and rest. We also ensure our employees are subject to regular privacy and security training.

    23. Your rights
    24. Under the EU GDPR you have the right to gain access to your information with us, and to correct or request deletion of your personal data. You are further entitled to request limited processing, to raise objections to processing and to request data portability.

      You can contact us via the contact form on for inquires related to your rights: We will process such requests as soon as we can, and usually no later than within 30 days.

      We may ask you to confirm your identity or provide further information before we allow access, deletion or correction. This is done to ensure that we only provide access, rectification and deletion to your personal information to you - and not to anyone claiming to be you.

    25. Data Protection Officer and contact point
    26. The Stokke Group (Stokke AS and its subsidiaries) have assigned a Data Protection Officer (DPO), which is DPO for all our companies worldwide. The DPO is our contact point with the regulators, including with Datatilsynet in Norway as Stokke has its main establishment in Norway.

      The DPO's task is to provide our companies, our data processors and our employees advice and guidance on the interpretation an application of personal data regulations including the GDPR as well as our processing of personal data as well as to monitor our compliance with personal data protection regulations and our internal guidelines.

      The DPO will also supervise our processing of requests concerning your rights as well as supervise Stokke's answers to questions concerning personal data protection.

      If you believe that we process your personal data outside our Privacy Policy, other information you have received from the Stokke Group or in breach with applicable personal data legislation, you are entitled to contact us and our DPO through our contact form:

      As an alternative, you have the right to complain to your local Data Protection Agency in an EEA country, and where the contact details for your national regulator can be found here:

    27. Use of data processors. Third country transfers.
    28. To be able to deliver our online services as well as our goods, we use different subcontractors and services (data processors).

      As we are a global company, we transfer personal data to countries outside the EEA. Legal basis for transfers is data processing agreements with the Standard Contractual Clauses for transfers, issued by the European Commission.

      Further, all purchases with us from non-EEA countries will necessarily require export of personal data for us to be able to confirm orders and deliver goods. For these situations, the legal basis for transfer is GDPR art 49(1)(b), transfer necessary for the performance of a contract.

    29. Updates to our Privacy Policy
    30. We will update from time to time based on changes to legislation or legal practices as well as when we develop or modify our services. The date for our lates update is found at the very end of the Privacy Policy.

      Last update: August 2023

    Our Privacy Policy as of 25 May 2018 is available here: