From what age can the Stokke® MyCarrier be used?

Customer Service

    The Stokke® MyCarrier has 3 positions

    Front carrier – facing inwards
    From 4 weeks (minimum 3.5 kg /7.7 lb and 53 cm/21inch.)
    Babies need variation. We therefore recommend that you limit the time your newborn spends in Stokke® MyCarrier to 20 minutes in the beginning.

    Front carrier - facing outwards
    For when your child can hold their head unaided. Every child is unique, but a rough guide is around 5 months. You may, of course, also continue to carry your baby facing inwards.

    Back Carrier
    For when your child is 9 months and can sit unaided. At this time, you may begin using the back carrier. The seat can be adjusted when your child is approximately 18 months to ensure a better view.