Stokke® Care™

Customer Service

  • What are the weight and dimensions of the Stokke® Care™?

    The dimensions and weight of the Stokke® Care™ changing table when in the box are:
    115 x 79 x 24 cm / 45 x 31 x 9.5 inches
    27 kg / 59.5 lbs.

    When assembled, the measurements are as follows:
    Weight: 24 kg/ 52,91 lbs.
    Height: 106 cm/ 41,73 inches
    Depth: 75 cm/ 29,53 inches
    Width: 67 cm/ 26,83 inches
  • Will the current Stokke® Care™ changing table mattress fit my older (pre-2009) Stokke® Care™?

    The mattresses and covers for the old Stokke® Care™ unit have been discontinued for quite some time. If you want to refit yours with a Care™ mattress and cover of the current model (since 2009), this is possible. However, please be advised it will not be a perfect fit, as the new Care™ unit is somewhat smaller than its predecessor.

    Measurements of the new Care™ mattress:

    Length 74 cm/ 29,13 inches
    Width 61 cm/ 24,02 inches
    Width 51 cm/ 20,08 inches

    Measurements of the old Care™ mattress:

    Length 74 cm/ 29,13 inches
    Width 72 cm/ 28,35 inches
    Width 55 cm/ 21,65 inches
  • What is the maximum recommended load for the Stokke® Care™ changing table?

    In Europe the Stokke® Care™ changing table has been tested and approved for a load of up to 15 kg, which is in line with relevant safety standards.

    In the US the standards differ in weight tested. This leads to a recommended maximum load of 50 kg / 110 lbs of the US version of Care™.
  • How is the Stokke® Care® changing table mattress to be washed?

    The Stokke® Care® changing table mattress can be hand washed at 30°. Do not tumble-dry.
  • How do the two models of the Stokke® Care™ Changing Table differ and do current accessories fit the earlier model?

    The Stokke® Care™ Changing Table was originally introduced in 2001, followed in 2009 by the release of the current model. There are a few noteworthy differences between the models. The previous model had caster wheels which are not present on the current model, but the latter was fitted with additional textile storage baskets. The size differs somewhat, with the new model being somewhat narrower than the original one. Accessories for the original model Care™ are no longer available. The current mattress and storage baskets can be used on the 2001 model, but please note they do not present a perfect fit, leaving space on either side due to the difference in dimensions between the two models.
  • Are any harmful substances used in the wooden or textile components of the Stokke® Care™ changing table?

    At Stokke®, product quality and child safety are our main concerns and we take great care in ensuring all our products meet current international safety standards for baby and children`s products.

    All Stokke® Care™ wooden components are manufactured from cultivated beech, which makes them strong, solid and durable. The preservation of the environment is very important to Stokke®, therefore, we strictly adhere to responsible wood sourcing and processing from European forests.

    The lacquers used for the Stokke® Care™ fully comply with the prevailing safety standard EN 71 - 3, "European Standard, Safety for toys, Migration of certain elements/Toxic Heavy Metals". Furthermore, the lacquer is completely free of formaldehyde.

    All Stokke® Nursery Textiles are approved by the International Oeko-Tex Association and have been Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1, certified, which means they are guaranteed free from harmful substances.