People & Workplace – our promise

Stokke’s people: mission & values

We prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and strive to create an inclusive and equitable workplace. Stokke recognizes that our supply chain plays a crucial role in our social impact.

People for environment

Employee focus

Creating a healthy, diverse and equal workplace

Health and safety is of the highest importance: We promote the mental and physical health of all our employees. We believe that a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace enables us to create a better shared future.

  • People and Workplace
  • People and Workplace

Employee focus

Different makes better

Our goal is to create a desirable workplace that fosters commitment and trust, and cultivates a corporate culture that attracts and nurtures skilled and driven employees.

44 Nationalities

Leaving no one behind: We value all our employees potential and appreciate diversity.

39 Average age

We aim to offer all of our employees equal opportunities to grow and develop.

Gender balance

We have been successful in our efforts to balance the gender composition of our workforce: 59% women, 41% men

People and Workplace
People and Workplace
The supply chain
Fair practice every step of the way

We place significant emphasis on setting environmental benchmarks within our supply chain. Our business strategy and operations integrate social, environmental, ethical, and human rights considerations.

People and Workplace