Ethics and environment


    Ethics and environment

    We are all concerned for our environment and how our actions affect it. In today’s modern world, caring for our children means much more than providing them with safety, comfort, and protection. Caring for our children means also caring for the planet that they will inherit. Throughout the company’s history, we have made every effort and endeavour to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. We continue to strive to create innovative products that provide you with the assurance and peace of mind that only Stokke products can. We also continuously develop and explore new energy saving production techniques, fuel efficient shipping, and distribution methods. This will contribute to the preservation of our planet not only for our children, but for generations to come.


    Perhaps the least discussed issue in relating to a product environmental effect is longevity. This may be because it is one of the hardest characteristic to achieve in any products. At Stokke we create products that are designed to last a lifetime. High production standards, durable and robust materials, flexibility and adjustment options, together with timeless designs, ensure longevity to all our products.


    CO2 emissions and fuel consumption impact our environment in ways that we are now only beginning to understand. At Stokke we transport all our products through modern and efficient logistics channels. Based upon warehouse hubs and the principle of moving large stock volumes at a time, we actively reduce transportation rates and frequency, thereby reducing emissions.

    Corporate ethics

    At Stokke we actively supervise, every aspect of raw material development, production, and distribution for all our products. Every supplier, business partner, and member of our value chain cosign a code of conduct agreement outlining our joint responsibilities, to ensure proper working conditions, compensations, and production methods. As a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway, Stokke is an advocate of ethical trade practices.

    A vision, a mission, a goal

    We are committed to creating high quality products , designed not only for you and your child, but for your children’s children, and generations to come. In our pursuit to continually break barriers in innovation, manufacture, and logistics processes, we pledge our commitment to ensure the safety of your child, and to protect and preserve your child’s environment. This is not just our belief at Stokke: it is our vision, our mission, and our goal.

    We believe that working together with you, with leading scientists, organizations, and governments, that we can achieve our goal.