Stokke® Trailz

Rugged and comfortable, our all-terrain stroller is designed for you and your baby to explore together.

Stokke® Trailz™ is built for action, and takes you wherever you want to go, in ease and comfort, no matter the season or terrain.

Stokke® Trailz™ combines functionality with true Scandinavian style. Premium from top to bottom, the black chassis gives Stokke® Trailz™ a sleek and rugged look, while a choice of large, air-filled or puncture-free wheels gives it the ability to handle all terrains in every season.
With robust construction, a newly designed seat and upgraded bassinet, your precious cargo is ensured the most comfortable ride, no matter where you go.

New design features include:
  • Sturdy construction for all terrains
  • Can be used from birth with the protective bassinet
  • Offers large, air-filled tires or puncture-free wheels
  • Multiple parent and forward-facing seating positions
  • Accommodates up to 33 lbs (15 kg) with the Stokke Stroller Seat
  • Spacious waterproof shopping basket (max. 22 lbs/10 kg)
  • Choice of durable leatherette handle
  • Compatible with Stokke car seats and those from selected manufacturers with adaptors
Strolling on the Sidewalk

In the City

Stokke® Trailz™ has everything you need for strolling in the city. Excellent maneuverability enables it to handle bumpy city sidewalks with ease, keeping your baby comfortable every step of the way. A sleek leatherette handle gives your stroller a sophisticated look while the large, waterproof basket provides plenty of room for shopping and baby essentials.

Strolling by the Sea

At the beach

Always ready for an adventure, Stokke® Trailz™ is versatile enough to take you everywhere you want to go. With an all-terrain function, it expertly navigates uneven or pebbled surfaces, including sandy beaches. Stokke® Trailz™ also includes an extended canopy. Not only does this feature shade little eyes from the sun, it´s SPF 50+ and has plenty of ventilation. Don't worry if your stroller gets a little dirty on the way, the basket is waterproof & the fabrics are machine washable.

Strolling off the beaten path

Out in Nature

Exploring nature with your children engages their senses and helps to develop a life-long relationship with the great outdoors. For active families, Stokke® Trailz™ with large, air-filled Terrain wheels is a perfect fit. Strong and durable, they've been designed to handle rougher terrain for parents who enjoy off-road trails and spending time outside. Because explorers often venture out in all weather, Stokke® offers a wide range of functional accessories to keep your little one protected and comfortable.

Chassis or Terrain wheel options make it easier than ever to customize Stokke Trailz for all of your adventures together


An ergonomic seat offers excellent leg support and includes a depth adjustable baby pad to accommodate even the smallest infants.

With a plush interior and a protective hard-shell exterior, our Bassinet gives your newborn a comfortable place to lie flat for rest and sleep.

Best of all, both the seat and bassinet positions of Stokke® Trailz are placed high up to encourage eye contact and connection between you and your baby.

See Stokke® Trailz with the Seat Unit

See Stokke® Trailz with Bassinet

Endless styling possibilities

Brushed Grey
Brushed Lilac
Grey Melange
Grey Melange
Black Melange
Deep Blue

Stokke® Trailz Accessories

The Stokke® Trailz is designed to fit right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family, allowing him or her to learn and develop alongside you.
Available in a variety of colors and accessories. Mix and match to suit your style!

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