Stokke® Trailz™

Customer Service

  • Can the Stokke® Trailz be fitted with a sibling seat like the Crusi™?

    Due the Stokke® Trailz being for diverse terrain, our design team saw it fit to exclude the Sibling Solution from the Trailz . Your older child might get wet or full of mud whilst tracking through the mud or forest.

  • How many seating positions does Trailz™ offer?

    Similar to the Stokke® Xplory® and the Crusi™, Stokke®Trailz offers 3 parent facing and two forward facing positions.

  • Are the textiles interchangeable (Xplory®, Crusi™, Scoot™, Trailz)?

    The textiles are interchangeable between the Xplory®, Crusi™ and Trailz Seats (Stokke® Stroller Seat) as the Seat models are fully compatible and similar in dimensions. The textiles for the Scoot are not interchangeable or compatible with any of the Seats and/or Carry Cots of the Xplory®, Crusi™ and Trailz.

  • What are the weight and dimensions of the Stokke® Trailz stroller?

    The Stokke® Trailz dimensions are as follows:

    • Chassis weight in kg/lbs: 9.8/21.61 Seat weight in 3.8 kg/8.34 lbs.
    • Chassis with seat dimension (length x height x width) in 95.5x127x62 cm/37.6x50x24.4 in.
    • Folded chassis with seat dimension (length x height x width) in 95x50x62 cm/37.6x19.69x9,6 in.
    • Carry cot weight in 4.8 kg/10.58 lbs.
    • Chassis with carry cot dimension (length x height x width) in 102.5x129x62 cm/40.4x50.8x24.4 in.
    • Folded chassis with carry cot dimension (length x height x width) in 104.5x60x62 cm/41.1x23.6x24.4 in.
  • Is the Trailz™ chassis still the same?

    Yes, there have been no changes to the chassis except the wheel configuration. Trailz™ chassis offers 4 rotation handle positions, two cup holder positions and a big shopping basket with 10 kg capacity and reflector
  • Will the Trailz™ Chassis offer a sibling solution like Crusi™ did?

    No, Trailz™ chassis does not offer sibling solution.
  • Is there a twin version of the Stokke® Trailz™ stroller?

    There are no plans for a twin version of the Stokke® Trailz stroller.

  • Can I start using the Stokke® Stroller Seat for Trailz™ before my child is 6 months old?

    The Stokke® Stroller Seat for Trailz has been approved in the EU for use from the age of 6 months, so this is what we recommend.

    In the UK the Stokke® Stroller Seat is certified suitable from birth with the use of the baby wedge, due to differing standards. It is, however, up to individual parents to decide what is suitable for their child.

    In general, babies at this age should lie on a horizontal surface as much as possible, to offer optimal support to the spine and to facilitate breathing. Stokke® Stroller Seat does recline to a near-vertical position and there is no specific reason not to use it for babies under 6 months. It is vitally important to make sure that the child is able to support its head. In any case, children to the age of approximately 6 months should not be kept in a pram for extended periods.

  • How should I clean my Stokke® Trailz from dirt, mud, and outdoor elements?

    The chassis and wheels of Stokke® Trailz™ clean easily, removing dirt, mud, and other outdoor elements simply with a damp cloth without the need for detergents or other cleaning chemicals.

  • What is the correct tyre pressure?

    With air filled tyres the user can decide on the softness of the tyres. Recommended tyre air-pressure for all countries is 0,7 bar/10,2psi. For Canada it's 0,5 bar.
  • What should I do if food or drinks are spilt on my Stokke® Trailz stroller?

    Unlike other conventional strollers, all Stokke® Stroller and Trailz fabrics and textiles are easily removed as well as being fully machine washable at 40°Celsius/ 104° Fahrenheit. 

  • Does the Stokke® Stroller parasol protect the baby against UV rays?

    The parasol sold with the Stokke® Stroller has been tested by an independent testing institute for the level of UV protection it affords and it was found to have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50, which is classified as "Excellent Protection". However, it is still recommended to avoid exposing young children to direct sunlight for extended periods. 

  • Can I use any bicycle pump to pump up the tires?

    You can use any bicycle pump, as long as it has the Schrader valve option.

  • Can I use the Stokke® Stroller Carry Cot overnight, as a substitute for a crib/bassinet?

    Stokke® Strollers are designed and tested to meet a different set of standards than those for baby cribs/moses baskets, in terms of airflow and support; the Stokke® Stroller Carry Cot, though safe and comfortable, was not designed for overnight use. We therefore we do not recommend that it be used in this manner. 

  • What are the weight limitations for the shopping basket?

    The weight limit for the Trailz Shopping basket is 10 kg.