Xplory® X

Customer Service

  • Is the textile from Xplory® X water repellent?

    Yes, the textiles from the stroller is water repellant.
  • Where can I find the user guide for the Xplory® X chassis, seat or carry cot?

    The user guide is delivered with every Xplory® X chassis, seat and carry cot. However, you can also find the most recent version on our website on the different product pages. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you need a user guide from an older model.

  • Up to what size/age can my child use the Stokke® Xplory® X?

    The Stokke® Xplory® X is suitable for children from 0 months to 9kg while using the Stokke® Xplory® X Carry Cot and suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years old or 22 kg whichever comes first while using the seat.

  • Where can I find the serial number on the Xplory® X?

    The serial number can be found underneath the chassis between the 2 front wheels.

  • How do I wash the textiles of the Xplory® X seat and carry cot?

    Please follow the disassemble and washing instructions from the user guide and maintain the stroller on a regular basis with regular cleanings. Prior to cleaning, make sure your remove excess sand, grid, or mud. In the user guide you can find what parts are machine washable, hand washable and what parts must be wiped with a damp cloth. Use a mixture of water and mild soap.

  • How can I transfer the Canopy from the Xplory® X Seat to Carry cot?

    Please follow the instructions from the user guide. Fully open the attachment zipper. Use a key, screwdriver, or something alike to push down the pin from the inside of the hood mount bracket to release the canopy from the seat. Do this on both sides. Place the hood mount brackets including the canopy on the carry cot. You know it is placed right when you hear it click. Close the zipper and fold back the textile.

  • Does the canopy offer UPF protection?

    The canopy of the Xplory® X offers 50+ UPF protection.

  • Is the Xplory® X carry cot suitable for overnight sleeping?

    No, the carry cot is not suitable for overnight sleeping because of European safety standards. The mattress is safe for sleeping as long as there is supervision.

  • Can the carry cot be used in my car?

    No, in some countries it might be common to use a carry cot in the car, however the Xplory® X carry cot is not designed for this purpose. For the safety of your child, we advise to use an approved and certified car seat instead.

  • Can I buy spare parts for the Xplory® X?

    There are various Xplory® X parts that can be replaced. For an overview of the replaceable items and prices, please have a look on the Xplory® X product page. If the item you are looking for is not visible on the website, or you are in doubt on what exact item you need, please contact our customer service team for advice.

  • Can the Xplory® X shopping bag be purchased as a spare part?

    Yes, the shopping bag is available as a spare part. The Xplory® X shopping bag can be attached to Xplory® V3 onwards.


  • Can the seat rail of the Xplory® X be purchased as a spare part?

    Yes, the seat rail is available as a spare part. The seat rail is only compatible with the Xplory® X and V6. Please be aware that the brown V6 leatherette is slightly darker then the Xplory® X.

  • Which car seats can be placed on the Xplory® X chassis?

    All Stokke by BeSafe and Stokke by Nuna car seats can be used without adapters on the Xplory® X. In addition, we have a multi adapter that provides a safe, easy-to-use connection between a car seat and the Xplory® X chassis. Please find the full up-to-date compatibility list on the product page of the car seat adapter. All car seats on this list have been tested and are certified for use.

  • Are all Stokke® Xplory® Seats and carry cots compatible with all frames regardless of model and country version?

    All Stokke® Xplory® seats and carry cots are compatible with all Xplory® frames from version V3 onwards, regardless of the country version or model. However, keep in mind that through the years visual changes have been made and there might be colour deviations in the plastics, leatherettes, and textiles.

  • Does the parasol fit on the Xplory® X?

    No, due to the redesign of the Xplory® X seat and carry cot, the parasol is no longer compatible with neither the seat nor carry cot of the Xplory® X.