How should I clean and maintenance the Stokke® PIPA™ by Nuna®?

Customer Service

    Seat pad: The seat pad and the insert can be machine washed gently at 105 F. Remove the foam pad from the insert before washing. Do not bleach or dry clean. Do not tumble dry or iron. Do not use undiluted detergent, or other solvent to wash the infant car seat. It may cause damage to the infant car seat. Do not twist the seat pad to dry with great force. It may leave the seat pad wrinkled. Hang dry the seat pad in the shade. 
    Seat shell: Use only mild detergent, water and a soft cloth to clean the car seat shell, handle and harness straps. Air dry. 
    Buckles: Rinse using warm water. DO NOT use any soaps, solvents or lubricants. Using anything other than water can cause the buckle to malfunction. Thoroughly Air dry. 
    Storage: Remove the infant car seat from the vehicle seat if not in use for a long period of time. Put the infant car seat in a cool, dry place and somewhere your child can not access it.